Be Prepared for Berry Picking:

Berry Barn Farms is a working you-pick blueberry farm. Guests should prepare for a fun and safe day outside on the farm. We encourage guests to wear closed-toe shoes or boots and plan for the likelihood of sunny, hot, and humid summer days.  The earlier you arrive, the more we think you’ll enjoy your berry picking experience.

Footwear – Closed-toe shoes and boots are encouraged. Grass rows can be wet from rain or dew.  You are discouraged from wearing anything you don’t want to get a little dirty.

Terrain – Expect sloping hills, uneven surfaces, and transitions to different surface types such as gravel, grass, and concrete.

No thorns – Blueberry plants do not have thorns. At times, some weed varieties might present thorns.  If you encounter thorns, please alert our staff and we will remove those undesired weeds.  However, you should plan to enjoy a thorn-free picking day.

Sun protection – The blueberries are on a south-facing hillside that receives direct sunlight. We encourage sunscreen, hats, and other sun protection measures.  Sunglasses can play tricks and make berries look ripe when they are not so don’t be fooled if you wear sunglasses.

No Pets – We love pets but they are not allowed on the farm. Service animals are always welcome.

Special Needs – If you have unique needs, please alert our staff and we will make every effort to make your visit to the farm as enjoyable as possible.


  • Guests are welcomed by reservation. If guests have not arrived by 10 am, you are still welcome, however, we may invite walk-ins after 10 am.
  • You can reserve your picking day on this site.

Where to Park

  • An attendant will greet you at the gate and direct you to available parking.
  • Please enter the farm by coming to the main gate (between the rock wall, under the wood overhang).
  • Please exit through the agriculture gate opening (green metal gates).

Container Size Options, Prices, and Payment

  • Gallon – $40
  • Half gallon – $20
  • We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.
  • Prices are subject to change.

What if I want another pail?

  • Guests are encouraged to come back for more pails as often as they would like.  We ask that you pay by the pail before you take new ones to the field.

What Berries to Pick

  • “Blue” berries only – Dark solid blue – (avoid, purple, pink, and green berries).
  • Unlike many other fruits, such as bananas, blueberries only ripen on the bush and will NOT continue to ripen after picking.

Ready to Leave? What to do.

  • Return your pail to the designated area (an attendant will show you when you arrive).
  • Take a plastic liner containing your berries with you.

Food Preparation

  • Wash your fruit before consuming but only when ready to eat (don’t wash like grapes and then stick in the fridge – they will get soggy)
  • Berries prefer open-air containers – not closed containers.

What if my berry picking day gets rained out or canceled?

  • In the unfortunate event that we must cancel a picking day due to weather, we will send a text alert to the number in our reservation system.  If your picking day is canceled due to weather, please reschedule for a different day using our reservation tool.  We hope to see you on the farm soon!


Reserve Your Picking Day